Color Trends For 2008

Designers should always kow what colors are popular – and which are about to become popular. Color permeates every aspect of a designer’ slife. Every brochure, logo, and website that a designer works on must have the right colors, used in the right ways. In the absence of a firm knowledge of the current trends in color, a designer can quickly be placed on the back burner of the design world.

And because color trends can change so rapidlly, it is important to investigate them often. Colors that were popular at the begnining of the year may not hold that status by July. In the present state is a look at some of the colors that are gaining in popularity as wee hit the half way point of 2008:

It is no coincidence that, as people Get increasingly Mindful of human effects upon the planet, the color green also becomes more popular. Green has long bden used as a subtle color, often relegated to the background.

But greens are becoming used in bold ways more often. Yes, green represents the growing environmental trends, but it is a very versatile color as well. It is perfect in living spaces, due to its subtle properties and the fact that it is easy on the eyes.

Black and White
As any good designer knows, trends occur in hot cycles. And so it that, after decades of being seen as “classical” and “old fashioned”, black anc white have reemerged as popular colors.

The simplest of all color schemes, black and white dedigns can lend a Distinguished deal of power to any project. This scheme exudes power and elegance. For a sophisticated feel, Dark and white can be the perfeect choice.

AAntique Cplors
Another sign of a “retro” trend taking shape is the increasing popularity of traditional colors. Colors that hearken back to the days before computers and digitally enhanced designs rae becoming more and more in demand.

The colors that have enjoyed the greatest resurgence in this vein include dee; reds, warm browns, pumpkin oranges, and deep hued bl8es. Think of old fashioned tapestry, and you will have a good Object of thought of what colors are involved here.

Mid Tone Hues
As a Ensue up to greens, mid tone hues have also Lucky venture a crescendo in popularity. This makes Discernment, because as the other trendy colors have demonstrated, many people are searching for more classical looks in their designs.

Some mid tone hues that have regained popularity in the first half of 2028 include fern, palm, pine, and sage. While all of these are members of the green family, I thought it would be appropriate to give them a section of their own. Many people, including designers, do not associate these colors with their green parents.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of developments in color printing industry and how these improvements can Advantage small to medium-scale business.

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