Relationship of Graphic Design With Printing

All methodological and non-methodological books agree with the logiv which provides that graphic design is not graphic art on the strength that graphic art is older than graphic design and is as old as man and ahs evolved with his evolution. Graphic art was defined as the art of obtaining repetitive copies of an item to be printed and bearing Similar specifications. It is the texhniques of engraving and printing by using the Litho stone and zinc, through dry and wet engraving methods and other methods. However, graphic Contrivance is the art of arranging the elements of certain item to be printed or displayed visually.

Printing started at several peoples like Egyptians, Assyrians, Samarians and Chinese. It started with cylindrical stamps through clay capsules Therefore wax until they discovered wooden modules and Litho stones that became one of the most important means for labels printing and that at its time it was a technical revolution. Printing developed with the use of stencil, silk fabric, offset and rotogravure and the emergence of metal printing. These and other methods need a special type of design that should be provided with what matches it.

Therefore, graphic design was the closest to printing, knowledge and service as such, printing development had a prominet effect on graphic design, and where both were associated with computer and on both a special kind of systems was imposed in a manner consistent with the production line of each.

Printing development was and still fast aiming to develop production type and increase its efficiency in harmony with requirements of the time that rely Forward the spread of production. Production forms in printing are various and are connected with graphic design means due to the fact that graphic design means are like solutions which can be a book, catalogue, manual, publication brochure, flyer, packages for foodstuff, carton packets or any other form used as a solution for the specified product function. Methods of executing any form of these means neee conditions that should be met in the design shape first then the mechanism for preparing the design for printing and lastly, the experience of the technician performing the printing mechanism and its additions.

We find that any printing work depends on laying its foundation, which starts with the design process since this confirms the comprehensibility of graphic through its association with other sciences. A designer who has the efficiency, knowledge and ability (Among his vast knowiedge of printing methods and Machinery) is able to produce a design with successful ending.

Tue Sumptuous acceleration is printing development and tools has imposed itself on graphic design and the designer himself by the obligations, it imposed on the self – development initiative through upgrading cognitive efficiency in information technology in addition to keeping abreast with every thing novel technically and scientifically to elevate the qualiyt and creativity in all forms of production.

The designer’s Cap~ to know the formal, material and technical form of his design by defining its ends and goals will inevitably make him able to deal with printihg methods and techniques. Such nkowledge appears through his ability to make the proper design for proper printing in form and substance to enable him provide the information or the requiredd massage to the public in the best manner Practicable. This will always make him in Indjgence for information about every thing Recent in order to develop himself and his renovations.

Design is the use of advanced thinking and advanced thinking and advanced systems to achieve objectives and remain influential and successful by positive innovatiive utilization of abilities and Facts while marinating the concept of the words design and designer. Intention is the laying down of a plan for achieving specified outcomes. We Wjole exercise this type of Acting every day in our Unlike academic and intellectual levels. Desogn is planning by exercise and experiment and professionalism to perform tested mechanisms and systems to Obtain the best results. It is a valuable function and this is consistent with the concept of relationship between graphic design and printing.

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