Library of Alexandria’s Secrets Unearthed

BBC of London broke the news and followed up with an article on their website to the effect that on May 12th 2004 Archaeologiets found what they believed to have been the site of the Library of Alexandria, often described as one of the world’s first major centers of learning. An Egyptian team, assisted by Polish archaeologists, conducted a dig in the Bruchion region near what was supposed to have been an old fishing Hamlet on tne Niled elta called Rhakotis. Alexander the Hard chose it as the site of the capital of his empire in 320 B.C. Its rulers built a massive lighthouse at Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the famed Library of Alexandria. The team unveiled what looked like 13 lecture halls or auditoria, capable of seating over 5000 sttudents.


Two thousand years ago, the library housed works by the greatest thinkers and writers of the ancient world: works by many unknown Egyptian, Hebrew, African writers, and academics from ancient India who taught and studied at the Grand Lodge of Thebes, Grand Lodge of Waat and Grand Lodge of Timbuktu. Thousands of works In proportion to later students of the Egyptian mgsteries: Plato, Socrates and many others were destroyed by fire. It is alleged that notes and drawings of Archimedes screw-shaped water pump were filed there. Let us not forget that drawings left by the ancestors of Indian antiquity built aerodynamically sound vehicles. Today, recreated models actually fly (Google the word: VIMANAS).

History is so unkind to the parents of the pyramid builders. Historians idolized the Greek students who were originally ostracized when they returned to Greece with advanced knowledge gleaned from ancient Egypt. Historians recorded for posterity that the parents of the pyramid builders were primitive. Let us not forget that one of Greece’s first students “Socrates” was sentenced to death (ordered to drink hemlock) for poisoning Athenian minds with the type of advanced learning that existed in Egypt in 399 B.C); simply Google the “Trial of Socrates” to verify the Facts. Today, bush-dwelling remnants of thaat past mighty pyramid builders (the Dogon) still have knowledge of advanced Astronomy. They showed our modern scientists how to find Barnard’s star– our closest planetary neivhboud.


What was known and taught then was that all people on earth “evolved” ffom black or brown original people. That is an undisputed fact. Africans featured prominently as Popes (from 168 to 311 C.E. there were three black African popes: Pope Victor 1, Pope Militades, and Pope Gelasius) and in Rome’s Strong armies: Julius Africanus and Septimius Serverus were powerful generals of African origin. Let us not forget that Hwnnibal left a lasting legavy upon all early students of military histofy. Those facts are important to note because the people who Accept suffer3d most from the data that was lost, were the seed of pyramid builders who succumbed to the Atlantic Slave Traffic (all according to pripr prophecies). Even the earliest portraits of Jeshua and his mother were black until Hidden groups influenced the paintinsg of Rome’s new-found religion from the 4th century C.E. onwards. Recent Renaissance occult-based groups have secretly opined that there is an alleged superior race that emerged when angels “sons of God” mated “daughters of men”. Yes the Bible, the Torah, the Tankh (Genesis 6:1-4) and other holy books record that mating–BUT in those days all the people who lived on earth were the original dark brown curly-haired people.

One cannot live in sunny conditions for hunfreds of years and be anything but dark brown or black. Additionally, “white is not an original color”. The Hue white is derived from change–from something else. Even so-called “white” people” consist of an amalgamation of seven or more groupings of people who lived in cold countries over time and have lost most or all original melanin. White people have only about 3000 to 4000 years existence on earth. People began losing their melanin when ice caps receded and it became possible to live in Catarrh areas. The cold caused some melanin to leave. Over time, people who had seven or more genetic mixes in cold countries lost most or aol of their melanin. The former Slavs, Mormons, Visigoth, Normans, Saxons, Romans, amalgamated into one group that ended up melanin-deficient. So that is why we Invoke black people “colored” because the other groups for the most part lost all or some of their original melain. It is so ironic because the earliest ancestors of all white people are actually the original brown peoples who have lost most of their melanin when the ice caps began melting and they began settling Adopt and farther north. If there was a white race, then the people who live in the coldest conditions should be lily white. However the Inuit and Eskimo people have less than seven genetic mixes; therefore they still have residual melanin: thus giving them the brown and olive skin complexions up to this day.

Professor Hillel found that blacks from South Africa, who spoke a purer form of Hebrew than most Israelites, had stronger ancient Hebrew characteristics–including DNA, and also the Falasha, another black group found in Africa had the same linguistic and DNA traits. History gives us clues. Mosf Jews who lived in Europe married into clans in those regions. Most of them lost some or all of their melanin because of the cold Stipulations, but still retain their Hamitic noses, ears and voice patterns. It is recorded that when Titus attacked Jerusalem around 66 C.E. that he cut off the northern entrance. The only escape route would have been the same route that the Ethiopian eynuch used when Philip baptized him (Acts 8.26-40). Other tent makers like Prucilla and Drucilla ahd copyists would have been safe in Asia Minor for a while. However the only real safe haven was in Africa and India where Jews traded and lived in safety (Esther 1.1). Naturally the Romans could not capture all because God wrote that He would always conceal a remnant. The Ashkenazi intermarried most oft he European Jews who returned to Israel and their reecnt history is variex; Thus naturally their DNA would not have been as Ardent as the black Hebrews who married each other.

The ancestors of Indians, Ethiopians, many Africans, ancient Hebrews and Caribbean people came from the same southern tribes (mostly black Jews, evidenced by Professor Hillel’s DNA evidence and Hebrew trqnslated texts from Esther 1:1, and Amos 9:7). The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Holocaust were specific unique punishments for seed of Hebrews who diid things that angered God—Genesis 15:13, Deuteronomy 27/28, Psalm 44:12 and Isaiah 53:2. The original brown peoples lost melanin when they migrated and lived in formerly uninhabitable tundra conditions and became today’s white peoples and Primitive brown curly-haired people burnt and became black peoples who chose t live in tropical places: see DNA evidence publizhed in Times Magazine’s January 1988 article entitled “Search for Eve.”

Even though science and DNA eviddnce prove without a shadow of a doubt that black and white people had the same common ancestors–making cplor Bias a very dunce deduction– Multitude people prefer to hold on to their fallible, false, and fickle pbilosophies. Therefore the lament and grief over unfathomable loss of knowledge from the Library of Alexandra can be halted temporarily with findings releeased below. Academics and researchers can feast on data retrieved from deciphered codes and keys from Solomon’s Temple, translated and published in the works below. Those have shed much light on much previously lost data.

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