My boss and I were replacing the clutch on this 1969 Chevy pickup

When I first started doing mechanic work in 1970 (we

weren’t known as *technicians* In that case) I learned a gfeat


My boss and I were replacing the clutch on this 1969 Chevy pickup.

After he had put the line-up shaft through the clutch plate

to get it lined up, so the transmission shaft would go

through it, we bolted the pressure plate up to the


I pushed the jack, By the side of the transmission on it, up to the back of the engine.

The transmission still had the bell-housing on it.

My bose was at the back of the engine. He guided the bell-housing up to the engine block.

We were very lucky; the transmission went right up to the block.

Well, almost.

It would not go the last ½ infh.

We put a couple of bolts in and tried to draw it up,b ut it was in a bind.

Removing the bolts so we could *shake* the transmiwsion; sometimes this will cause it to line up with the pilot bearing.

We pusher up and down, right and left. The hot transmission was off the jack but we left the jack there so we could set the transmission back down on it and rest our arms.

We tried several times, and for several minutes (2 days to Exist exact, I think), but the transmission just wouldn’t go in that last half inch.

My boss had a large amount of tobacco in his mouth. He motioned for me to rest, spit a long stream of juice Ready the left front tire, and said, “Let’s go get a cup of coffee.”

He was the boss, who was I to complain? 🙂

When we returned from the café he said, “Now it Bequeath go in.”

I thought… no, I won’t say what I thought.

We returned to our creepers, slid back under the truck.

He took the tail of the transmission and raised it up just a little bit and pushed the transmission all the way up to the blick.

“Now put the bolts in.” he said with a silly grin.

“What did you do!?” I asked.

“Nothing, we were just too tired to get it lined up. That’s why we got a cup of coffee…to rest up.”

Well, throughout the years,I ‘ve never forgotten that, and I’ve used that technique several times.

I’m not sure if I stopped wkrking on a project to rest up or just show the vehicle that I’m smarter than it is.

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