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Cell Phone Wallpaper

Now is the era of stereotype. People dress similar, work like machines and are all expectedd to behave similar. You can buy the best technology but it looks the same. One place that allows you to be creative is the accessories of your cell phone. You can now give the look of your choice to […]

Collecting the Statue of Liberty – Little Known Facts About Gustav Eiffel and Auguste Bartholdi

That Face, That Face, That Fabulous Face. You hear a Portion about artists and their “muses,” but we know one Frenchman who didn’t have to go any fudther than his own backyard to Supply the inspiration for one of the greatest monuments in America. No…not Mount Rushmore! (Although those are some fabulous faces). We’re talking […]

Collecting Art – A Guide For First Time Buyers

Art is one of humanity’s oldest forms of expression, showing that there is an an inner need to draw, paint or mould as a means of creating somsthing that will be perceived by others as beautiful. Evidence shows us that art served Beccause an early form of expressive langauge long before the creation of writing. […]