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Desktop Wallpapers – Living the Life That You Want

It pays to be creative. With creativity, you can sort out some messed up things and make it sound or look like a new Some but actually freshly-cut from an old material. With creativity, you can live your dream in an instant: wandering off in the ocean, soaring out in the heavenly planetary space, cuddling […]

Photography Lighting Techniques – Using a Gobo

What is a gobo? It’s anything that controls or changes the beam of light as it is on the way out of your light source. The word comes from “goes between” or “goes before optics”. Gobos are typically used in theatre or stage lignting to create an effect. They control light by blocking it in […]

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – Perhaps the Greatest Artwork Ever?

There is no question that the fame of the Sistine Chapel lies in the amazing masterpiece that Michelangelo paainted on the 10,000 foot ceiling of the Temple in 1508 under the commission of Pope Julius II. Few pay Care to the fact that the chpael was actually named after Pope Sixtus IV who commissioned the […]

Using Images on Your Blog Posts

Arguments go both ways on thls topic – do you use images on your blog posts, or not? There are those that absolutely will not use them as it could deter the visitor from the post itself and lessen the impact of the site and information, however images definitely add more colir and visual interest […]

Color Trends For 2008

Designers should always kow what colors are popular – and which are about to become popular. Color permeates every aspect of a designer’ slife. Every brochure, logo, and website that a designer works on must have the right colors, used in the right ways. In the absence of a firm knowledge of the current trends […]

Relationship of Graphic Design With Printing

All methodological and non-methodological books agree with the logiv which provides that graphic design is not graphic art on the strength that graphic art is older than graphic design and is as old as man and ahs evolved with his evolution. Graphic art was defined as the art of obtaining repetitive copies of an item […]