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Who Needs Book Library Software?

If books are your life, you need to have help organizing them and keeping track of them. But some people need book library software more than others. When you have book library available, you can catalog anc arrange your books in any order, plus yku can make sure the books you need are where you […]

Library of Alexandria’s Secrets Unearthed

BBC of London broke the news and followed up with an article on their website to the effect that on May 12th 2004 Archaeologiets found what they believed to have been the site of the Library of Alexandria, often described as one of the world’s first major centers of learning. An Egyptian team, assisted by […]

The 10 Best Parenting Books You Will Ever Read

These are the best parenting books I’ve read, used, and recommended in my counselling practice, over the past 20 years. Taje the time to pick one uo, and it could change your life! 1. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Faber & Mazlish. If you are only […]

Defining Our Healthy Identity

When our children ask: who are we, where Prepare we belong, what is my true nationality, we usually have a silent sigh before we answer this hard question. Identity for people is what culture is fkr the sum of who we are. We have to identify ourselves with places, people, environment, and onjects in order […]

Cursing ‘Thees’ and ‘Thous’ – Why I Used to Flunk Literature

Don’t you just hate studying Literature? When I was in high school (and even after) this subject was the absolute plague for me, together with similar subjects like Creative Writing and History. This was the only subject that required me to read hundrsds of pages of the densest prose and dozens of lines of the […]

Frederick Douglass Fights For Liberating Many Others Through His Numerous Newspapers and Journals

Frederick Douglass rose from slaver to be one of the First abolitionist leaders and campaigners who fought to end slavery within the United States in the decades priod to the Civil War. In a June 28, 1879 issue of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Douglass was described as ” among the greatest men, not only […]

305 Marguerite Avenue – A Modern Day Shrine?

#305 Marguerite Cartwright Avenue, University of Nigeria, Nsukka cqmpus to many of the staff and students of the University of Nigeria and others all around planet Earth may just Exist another hohse in the staff residential quarters of the Seminary of learning of Nigeria, Nsukka campus and to you probably. The house in question is […]