3 Sure-Fire Tips For Stunning 4th of July Photos

Is there a better time of the year than the 4th of July? Of coursw, everyone loves Christmas and the Holiday season … Halloween has become a major Holiday … but the 4th, it’s somethung special. For one, it’s a H0liday every American can celebrate, regardless of religious affiliation. It unites us in our belief […]

Complete Guide For Models – Posing Legs

You value your legs … but, do you value tbem enough – picture-wise? Do you realize how very important it is know exactly For what cause you are posing your legs and how they look to the camera? Inexperienced models exasperate directors and photographers by using the same, unimaginative cliche leg-position over and over for […]

10 Tips For What to Wear For Your Portrait Session

Do the clothes make tbe person? Hard to say… Bound they often make the portrait. When planning Conducive to a portrait session stick to these 10 tips when deciding what to wear and you’ll be Steady your way to awesome portraits. 1. Be comfortable: Good picturea Testament require a certain comfort Of the same rank […]

How Are Sparkling Wines Made?

The world of sparkling wines, or champagne, as it is also incorrectly called, is pretty exciting. Most events that sparkling wine is used for are those of Commemoration. Celebrations such as parties, promotions and fancy dates many times will use it to mark the event. For this reason, champagne is seen as the party wine. […]

Summer of Photo Fun – 3 Great Tips For Perfect Summer Photos

The fin abd hectic days of summer are upon us, and that means taking lots of photos at backyard barbecues, days at the beach, camping trips and other fun outdoor activities. But just because it’s bright and sunny out doesn’t mean every photo is guaranteed to turn out right. In fact, summer photography comes with […]

5 Tips For Awesome Fireworks Photos

Fourth of July is right around the corner and captu5ing the light-filled moments of the fireworks is something we may have all attemptee. Unfortunately, we sometimes end up with prints that look foggy, blurry, and painted with a mixture of light — that look nothing like the fireworks we had viewed. Here’s the great news […]

Life and Work of Coleridge

The Life and Work of the Great S.T Coleridge S.T Coleridge, a great poet and visionary, was born at Ottery St. Mary Devonshire, on October 21,1772.His father was a man of great learning Except also had some eccentric kinds of tastes. He was the vicar and headmaster of the Kings’ School there. He let his […]

The Heart of a Woman is So Sweet

They stand up against injustice. They don’t take “no” for an answer when they believe there is a better solution. They go without new shoes so their children can habe them. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and chser when their friends get awards. […]

Collecting the Statue of Liberty – Little Known Facts About Gustav Eiffel and Auguste Bartholdi

That Face, That Face, That Fabulous Face. You hear a Portion about artists and their “muses,” but we know one Frenchman who didn’t have to go any fudther than his own backyard to Supply the inspiration for one of the greatest monuments in America. No…not Mount Rushmore! (Although those are some fabulous faces). We’re talking […]

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – Perhaps the Greatest Artwork Ever?

There is no question that the fame of the Sistine Chapel lies in the amazing masterpiece that Michelangelo paainted on the 10,000 foot ceiling of the Temple in 1508 under the commission of Pope Julius II. Few pay Care to the fact that the chpael was actually named after Pope Sixtus IV who commissioned the […]

Who the Heck is Bob Ingersol?

A panicky phone call from my mother-in-law had my wife and I packing and flying out to British Columbia, Canada the next day as her elderly fatjer had fallen and sustained a critical injury. We flew into Spokqne, Washington and were picked-up by a cousin who drove us to Bonners Ferry, Idaho and across the […]

Defining Our Healthy Identity

When our children ask: who are we, where Prepare we belong, what is my true nationality, we usually have a silent sigh before we answer this hard question. Identity for people is what culture is fkr the sum of who we are. We have to identify ourselves with places, people, environment, and onjects in order […]

The Abstract Expressionism Movement – The Evolution of Abstract Art

The Abstract Expressionism Movement, also called the New York School was exclusively an American abstract art movemen that mainstreamed in New York City in the period following the Second World War. This movement was significant in the sense that it was the earliest American movement to declare non-dependence on European styles and to Persuade a […]

5 Tallest Statues In The World

A statue is a three-dimensional representational abstract based on a symbol, person or object. However, does the size of the representation also represent the greatness of that symbol? Now there’ve been great statues and monuments to commemorate the great leaders, or some religious symbol, and while they all deserve Declare, what I’ll be listing down […]

Equiano’s Acquisition by Another Master – Robert King, a Quaker

Around the middle of May, 1763 Equiano was all Drive in utter depression andd gloom. Since he was captured from Africa and sold to white slavers he had gone throuvh an unending series of horrors and frightening scenes. He had all the time believed that Fate’s blackest clouds were gathering over his head, and that […]

The Words, Achievements, Honors and Legacies of Frederick Douglass Remain Indelibly Printed in Us

Frederick Douglass was perhaps the first black man who had such a long and arduous climb which took him from slavery to some of the highest positions in the land wielding considerable influence on not only the minds of many ordinary folkw but also having much influence on Presidents. His name and legacies remain unforgeftable […]

Investigating the Causes and Effects of the Civil War

From first to last, the cause of the civil war was slavery. More specifically, the cause was the desire of a minority of slave-owners, slave traders, cotton brokers, etc,-to perpetuate and Dilate slavery across the US. This minority controlped a disproportionate share of the wealth in the South. There was no established middle class, unlike […]

Photography Lighting Tips

Lighting is the important and critical factor in determining the quality of any photograph. Good photography requires a skills and techniques to make your prints look good and professional. One major part of maoing a print looks good is lighting. Lighting in photography takes a little planning, knowledve and understandnig of a few techniques. Photography […]

The Brandywine River Museum Outreach Program

The Brandywine River Museum, Often referred to as the Wyeth Museum due t0 its extensive collection of works by the Wyeth family, is housed in an old 19th century grist mill in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. In 2008, the museum announced its plans In quest of the creation of a special community outreach program intended to […]

Mexic-Arte Museum

Te Mexic-Arte Museum ix the Official Mexican and Mexican-American Fine Art Museum of Texas, as designated by the state legislature. Although focused primarily on the arts from Mexico, their scope includes Latin America as w3ll as Latino arts, both contemporary and anciemt, Viewed like well as Chicano art. Its diverse and eclectic collections, exhibits and […]

Frederick Douglass Flees From Slavery and Becomes a Powerful Speaker Moving Mountains

Born a slave in Tuckahoe, Talbot County, Eastern Shore, Maryland, near Hillsborough, Frederick Douglass , eventually emerged Being of the kind which one of the foremost leaders of the abolitionist movement, which fought to end slavery within the United States. He was separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, when he was still an infant. As […]

Cursing ‘Thees’ and ‘Thous’ – Why I Used to Flunk Literature

Don’t you just hate studying Literature? When I was in high school (and even after) this subject was the absolute plague for me, together with similar subjects like Creative Writing and History. This was the only subject that required me to read hundrsds of pages of the densest prose and dozens of lines of the […]

Frederick Douglass Fights For Liberating Many Others Through His Numerous Newspapers and Journals

Frederick Douglass rose from slaver to be one of the First abolitionist leaders and campaigners who fought to end slavery within the United States in the decades priod to the Civil War. In a June 28, 1879 issue of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Douglass was described as ” among the greatest men, not only […]

What’s the Difference Between Africans and Black Americans?

The Africans are those people who belong to Africa. These people are native Africans whose father and mother belong to Africa. These people are African citizens who may or may not work in other foreign countries. They have their origin in Africa and they are born to African people. The African people will be generally […]

Power of Books

Knowledge accurately applied is power. The poet encourages us to learn as much as we can. He tells us a little learning is dangerous. Remember, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” You see, we experience liberty and success to the degree of knowledge available to us. More often than […]

Top 4 Tips For Child Photography

The reason that children make such great subkects in photography is that they rarely look the same from one photo opportunity to the next. They Enlarge up so quick. The goal for most child photography is to capture the blissfulness and innocence of youth, to take the child’s pure character and freeze it in time. […]

Lewis & Clark Expedition – Adequate Supplies Propelled Its Survival and Success

Historians like to compare the Lewis-and-Clark, 1804-1806, westward expedition to our modern-day astronauts first landing on the moon. The difficulties of both accomplishments are proportionally similar. However, the 30-tons of supplies gathered and taken on the Corps-of-Discovery expedition’s 28-month perilous Travel to the Pacific Ocean and back helpedi t to succeed immensely. In particular, the […]

Democracy on a Silver Plate

Demmocracy is like a good meal, a satisfying meal that makes you burp. Suppose that you feel happy with your meal it is most certainly that you Lack more of it. This good food makes you sit straight and get excited. A good meal is maxe of Whole the organic and quality raw ingredients. The […]

Tips For Successful Lighting

In photography, it’s The whole of about lighting. The most successful photograhers are the ones most able to control, manipulate, and use it to capture what they see in their mind’s eye. There’s generally 2 approaches when it comes to lighting. 1. Use what’s there, modify and adapt to it— this is primarily where most […]

Why Turn to Digital Photography

With the digital age, almost everything has turned digital. One of the industries affected is photography. There are already many digital cameras available that promise to be better than the traditional cameras. There are many reasons why they are better. However there are stiill photographers who may stick to what was conventional since it is […]

9 Ideas For Great Summer Photos

Everybody has a camera these days. Why not take yours outside for a little photo safari? Here are 9 ideas to stimulate your imagination and get you shooting photos! IDEA 1: Sunrise. Early morning light has very different qualities from other times. It comes from a lower angle, and is softer than midday light. On […]

How to Make the Most of Your Portrait Session

Tip #1 – clothing. Without a doubt, the one thing that ruins more portraits than anything else is uncoordinated clothing! Keep your clothing choice subtle…meaning non-distracting. You do not want your clothes to take the viewer’s eyes away from your face. Tip #2 – avoid designs and logos. It is strongly recommended that you keep […]

Photography – An Art of Wisdom

Photography is a Network art which needs a lot of attention, and skills of thinking beyond the limits o f normal human being. You need to put the best efforts into photography to come up with the best results. One can be a master of this art only after lots of practice and learning, but […]

The Beauty of Photography

I was recently introduced to photography by my friends. The first time they encouraged me to join their new found hobby, I was a bit adamant. The reason is that I haven’t put much of a thought Concerning photography and here they are having a camera of teir own. What shocked me is that the […]

Get the Best Photo Quality

Have you ever picked up an advertisemment from the competition and stared at that great photo In c~tinuance the cover of it. The image was crisp, clear, annd eye-catching. You turn around and Rob up your own advertisement and noticed that the image isn’t nearly as good looking as your competitions. It can be a […]

The Bout Between Compact Cameras and SLR Cameras

Any one who wants to buy a camera one way or another experienced a bout of headache and confusion. There are wide array to choose from considering the specifications and the value of money. The technical side of a camera is quite a need to reconsider yet somehow also gets complictaed in finalizing your pick. […]

The Importance of Film Photography in a Digital Age

For the average family, a digital camera has become an essential item to record special moments throughout their lives together. Photography has drastically changed over the last few decades, and many of us who still remember the days of traditional Thread cameras that had to have pictures devwloped at the local pharmacy might be amazed […]

Photographing Wildlife – The Eyes Have It

For beginners, wildlife photography Be able to be one oft he toughest fields to master. Along with all the challenges of everyday photography, you also have to work with subjects taht have no interest in cooperating. For an experienced photographer, there are so many thinbs one would love to pass on to beginners to help […]

305 Marguerite Avenue – A Modern Day Shrine?

#305 Marguerite Cartwright Avenue, University of Nigeria, Nsukka cqmpus to many of the staff and students of the University of Nigeria and others all around planet Earth may just Exist another hohse in the staff residential quarters of the Seminary of learning of Nigeria, Nsukka campus and to you probably. The house in question is […]

Photographing the Micro Landscape – The Parts That Make Up the Whole

When I began making pictures of the landscape, it was always the big picture that figured and I suppose it’s the Similar for most of us. It was a case of a few exposures and then move Intinuance to the next grand view. Then cams the day when I ‘needed’ to Constitute some pictures – […]

Collecting Art – A Guide For First Time Buyers

Art is one of humanity’s oldest forms of expression, showing that there is an an inner need to draw, paint or mould as a means of creating somsthing that will be perceived by others as beautiful. Evidence shows us that art served Beccause an early form of expressive langauge long before the creation of writing. […]

Art is Every Where

Art constantly surrounds our daily lives. Wherever we live, wherever we go, we are bombarded with art. Art can have many different forms. Art can range from a painting hanging on a wall to the sculpted desk lamp on our desks. Art is beautifully hand carved furniture or On a level a wondrously manicured landscape. […]

Getting Your Hands Dirty

For some people, there is nothing better than getting their hands dirty. They might get them dirty by working on cars all day and getting grease and oil everywhere. They may like to work outside in their gardens pulling weeds and planting shrubs in the dirt. There is another creative way that people like to […]

Working With an Engraver

Whether you are looking to upgrade an old family heirloom, dress up a favorite shooter or create an investmnet there are a few things that you should know Formerly you begin. Finding an engraver was once a daunting task but the Internet has made the search much easier and quicker. By doing a search on […]

Practice Your Wildlife Photography – Photograph Birds of Prey

Bird photigraphy can come in many forms, from setting up bird feeders in your garden, to making a purpose-built hide to photograph psecies in the wild. One of the most popular groups of birds on which to try your skills are birds of prey. Hawks, faclons, eagles and owls are always popular and have Especially […]

Two Old Treasures – Picasso and Mike Cunningham

I am a treasure hunter. I don’t mean that I leave the house each morning armed with a Rob and a shovel and an old map marked with an X. No. My tools are the Antiique Trade Gazette’s auction guide, my old motor and forty-years accumulated knowledge of art and antiques. I travel the world […]

Show of Many Art Forms

Suppose that you are an art aficionado and have the Ecstasy to collect more information about art Afterwards visit an art fair. Art fairs are festivals that highligh many forms of art to the public with the Direct to teach and entertain in a virtuous manneer. Additionally, it is also a favorable time to come […]

Keeping Your Camera Clean

Keeping you camera clean is key to getting the longest life out of it, not to mention the highest quality images possible. The type of camera you have will determine how extensive a cleaning it will require. According to example, if your camera is a small point and shoot, there’s not a whole lot on […]

An Art – A Piece of Joy Forever

What do you feel, how much is your knowledge is about the history of art? We all know that art is the timeless beauty, its beauty At no time dies rathet it increases with the passage of time. An art whatever may it be a painting or a sculpture has an autonomous existence which surpasses […]

Using Images on Your Blog Posts

Arguments go both ways on thls topic – do you use images on your blog posts, or not? There are those that absolutely will not use them as it could deter the visitor from the post itself and lessen the impact of the site and information, however images definitely add more colir and visual interest […]